Our Dining In Menu

Lamb Chops
Spiced Lamb Chops barbecued in the Tandoor

Malai Tikka
Marinated Chicken filled with spiced minced Lamb. Cooked on a skewer

Sabzi Labra
Samosa, Onion Bhajee, Mushroom Pakora

Sheekh Kebab
Minced Lamb seasoned with mint & spices

Onion Bhajee
Finely chopped onions and spices, fried in batter

Triangular pastry, filled with spiced vegatables

Safed Tikka
Chicken Marinated in pistachio, ginger, crushed red chillies and cream. Cooked on a skewer

Hara Lamb
Lamb gently spiced with herbs and barbecued.

Tandoori. Fish
Sword Fish Marinated in ground spices and barbecued.

Prawn Pathia on puri
Medium hot sweet and sour prawns served with a wheatmeal dough deep fried until puffed.

Kashmiri Kebab
Minced Lamb specially cooked with fresh herbs and spices, onion and capsicum and fried with egg, highly regarded in Kashmiri Maharaja society.

Tandoori Chicken
On the bone chicken marinated in ground spices and barbecued.

Chicken Chat Masala
Pieces of Chicken garnished in a tangy sauce served with small puris

Panch Mishali
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheekh Kebab, vegatable samosa and onion bhajee.

Murgh Pakora
Diced Chicken dipped in a spicy batter and deep fried.

Chicken Tikka
Breast of Chicken Marinated in youghurt tamarind and garam masala. Baked in the Tandoor.

Ashwari Prawns
Tandoori cooked king Prawns, light spicing

Garlic Mushroom
Stir fried in butter

Ranga Kebab
Hot minced Chicken & potao with onions and herbs